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Our Products

Dark Chocolate Non-Fat: Fat Trimming

Plain Tart Non-Fat: High Antioxidants

Smoothie Mix: Non-Dairy Smoothies

Press the base mix you prefer, and see the compatible flavors for that mix.

Fruit Sorbet: Non-Dairy

Stevia (Vanilla & Chocolate): Sugar Free

Vanilla Low-Fat: Energy Boost

Product shipping information:

Each 6 pound bag makes 363 oz. of product
There are five 6 pound bags to a case
There are sixty cases to a pallet
Contact us for pricing information.

​How to mix smoothies:

Take 2-4 ounces of the powdered mix and add 2-4 ounces of water and one cup of ice. Add fresh or frozen fruit. Also, protein powder or any nutritional additive would be beneficial.

​How to mix soft-serve yogurt products:

Whisk in a bucket with two gallons of water for every 6 pound bag. Then add 5-6 ounces of liquid flavor concentrate if desired.​

​How to add flavors: 

Add 6 ounces of flavor per 6 pounds of mix. Flavors are available by the gallon.

We offer many flavors of all natural, highly nutritious frozen yogurt.

150 DIfferent flavors

Yogurt Frenzy